Fruška Gora Ecocamping campaign

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 Total Idea ran the campaign for the first eco-camp in Serbia

Our agency strives to cooperate with environmentally aware clients, or with those who want to be such. Our strategy and the network of institutions, organisations and associations we built, contributed to our cooperation with the Fruška Gora National Park and the Camping Association of Serbia. Their international project titled Sustainable Development of the Fruška Gora National Park resulted in the construction of the first eco-camping in a Serbian national park.

The construction of the Fruška Gora Eco-camping was financed by the national park and the Camping Association of Serbia through the MATRA programme of the Dutch Government and the Tourism Office of the Ministry of Finance and Industry of the Republic of Serbia. The Fruška Gora Eco-camping, located near Stražilovo, was designed to be integrated in the protected natural surroundings. The facility was constructed using natural materials from the surroundings by focusing completely on environmental protection through a waste water system and other sustainable solutions. Furthermore, the part of the infrastructure was adapted for people with special needs.

Our agency was responsible for the visual identity, the campaign, and the marketing plan of the first eco-camping in Serbia. We created a brand development strategy, by using our creative concept in print and digital media, which was first implemented in Vojvodina, where the camp is based, and then to a wider area.

The visual identity was inspired by natural colours and the orchid flower (a symbol of the national park) and the surroundings of the Fruška Gora Eco-camping. The campaign was designed to attract nature lovers, experienced campers and picnickers of all ages. In order to improve the image of the camp, Total Idea created a web presentation, promotional materials (brochures, maps and posters), outdoor studio photographs and corporate material solutions (business card, folder, letterhead, invoice, and envelope).

We also prepared the marketing plan for the Fruška Gora Eco-camping, which includes solutions for a three-year product market placement.

The Fruška Gora Eco-camping requires proper market placement because it was open in 2013 and still needs new investments and projects. This is why the Total Idea team will work hard to improve the marketing of the first camping facility in the national park.

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