Promotional video about Sasenjka Meljnikov Ivanovic, founder and art director of Total Idea agency

Sasenjka Meljnikov Ivanovic, founder and art director of Total Idea agency, has decades of experience in illustrating and graphic design, and her work is presented at the new and redesigned website, as well as social networks: FacebookTwitterPinterestBehance, and Linkedin.

We are especially proud of the latest promotional video devised and produced by Total Idea agency.

Illustrations and world presentation through drawings have been her passion ever since childhood. She finds inspiration in nature and love that surrounds her, and not a single day can go by without colours and her drawing kit.

She has gained a lot of experience in graphic design, children’s books illustrations, and various publications.

She is a member of The Association of Applied Arts and Designers of Vojvodina as well as The Union of Cartoonists of Serbia.

Her constant desire to prefect has driven Sasenjka to the world of web design and branding, and it was that desire that has made her cooperation with Total Idea’s clients very successful.

Wishing Sasenjka’s network of followers and new business contacts would expand, we invite you to visit her website, like her promotional video, and subscribe to her social networks channels.

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